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What You Need to Know About Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

The laser therapy for hair loss which is of low dose is normally used to treat people who are suffering from hair loss.With this low level therapy, patients can achieve a thicker, shinier, fuller as well as healthier looking hair.This procedure is known is known to be painless, easy as well as safe and there are no known side effects which are associated with this kind of therapy.Low level hair laser therapy is used in the treatment of genetic forms of hair loss occurring to both men and women.laser hair therapy can be administered either at a salon by a professional who is trained to do this or even at home.The recommendable times of treatment are two to three times in a week.These treatment sessions will include a eight to fifteen minutes exposure to diodes emitting light under a bonnet or by the use of a comb which is held by hand.There could also be some other elements which could be used during the low level laser hair loss therapy including scalp treatment as well as therapy.

At precise as well as appropriate wavelengths, laser therapy is aimed at penetrating the skin of the patient and stimulating variety of healing as well as self-restoring properties.For individuals who are suffering from thinning hair, low level laser treatment will work by penetrating the skin and enhancing the stimulation of blood in the hair follicles inhibiting the formation of prostaglandin and thus directly encouraging the activities of hair follicles.Generally, low level laser hair loss therapy should enhance hair growth and reverse the progressive hair loss in patients.

One of the way through which low level laser treatment can be administered is by the use of a comb which is handheld.The hand held comb for laser is designed in such a way that it has laser light ports arranged on the surface and resembling the teeth of the common comb.This is used at home for ten to fifteen minutes in a single use.These handheld laser comb are convenient and also easy to use and they deliver positive results to the patient.

There exists some therapeutic considerations to be done in selection of a laser for the hair loss treatment.One of these factors is the wavelength of the since it is the one determining the depth of penetration in the tissues which are being targeted and these are the follicle tissues.Depth penetration is one of the most essential condition to consider when it comes to application of laser to treat hair loss.

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