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Important Contents Of Your Prepping Gear

Dangerous situations such as calamities or emergencies come unexpected. For instance, a thunderstorm passes through your area and power all over the place is wiped out and you have to wait for days before it gets back on. Another scenario is getting lost in the woods when you go on camping trips and you need equipment to put up your temporary shelter for the night.

A lot of people lack knowledge of roll out bags or bug out rolls. They could know one thing or two about it, however, they might not know the most important things to include. Think of the different survival scenarios you might encounter to help you come up with the things needed in your pack. It is best to go for a 72 hour bug out bag if you want to survive for three days.

To get more information or ideas, read more about articles about how people survived being stuck, stranded and the like. You have to consider many things when you plan what to include in your bug out pack. It is good to have an idea on the number of persons who will be with you. You can pack for two persons if you live alone. For a family, the entire family should have enough share. You can use a lot of smaller bags or put all your supplies in one large pack. Just make sure you pack everything you will need. Consider the environmental issues that your geographical location will bring. Remember these things when deciding what to include in your pack. Most bags have standard items and it is up to you to add other items that you need.

Don’t forget the most important thing, “water.” Without food, you can survive for weeks but without water, you can only survive for a few days due to dehydration. You should prepare one gallon of water per person per day. Aside from bottled or water in sealed pouches, also include purification systems such as tablets or filter straws.

Next on the list is high energy food that can be kept for a long time. Food that are small and easy to pack and can last for even years include energy and nutrition bars. You may include meals that only need not water. It would also be good to include mixed nuts that are high in protein.

Include also some extra clothing. Aside from having to change your clothes, you might need these for other purposes.

If you have space in your bag, include also a tent or tarp. Two tarps can be prepared so that you can have something to lay on and another to place over you. If possible, bring a sleeping bag.

Every but out bag should have a first aid kit with all the essentials. Bandages, disinfectant, tweezers, gauze, medical tape, scissors and other important things should be present. You might need to cut things so include a survival knife or small saw also.

Check the contents of your bug out bag regularly and keep it dry. Place it in an accessible area. In times of emergency, be alert and grab your bug out bag immediately! Always be ready, plan for survival situations now!

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